Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a form of muscle strength resistance testing that is based on the founding principles that the body is a highly integrated system and that there is a strong physical connection and network throughout the body linking muscles to the glands and organs. Nothing exists in the body as independent from the whole.


Applied Kinesiology is a form of functional biomechanical and neurologic evaluation. It is an incredible tool used in the assessment of muscular function to evaluate muscles as a primary feedback mechanism in examining how well an individual’s body is functioning and reasons why the muscles are testing as weak. Applied Kinesiology works directly through accessing the muscular feedback loop from your body.

During a session, specific muscles are stress tested. The strength of a specific muscle is said to be related to the health of a particular organ or area of the body being tested. The reason that muscle testing works so well is that the musculature of the body represents a natural feedback system. This feedback loop acts as a precision indicator with information supplied by the nerve pathways and energy meridians throughout the body.